The Lincoln project wants its skin

Monday, May 4, the Lincoln Project “Posted an overwhelming video of the US President’s handling of the coronavirus crisis on YouTube Donald trump.

Donald Trump, political opponents mobilize against his re-election

The ” Lincoln Project Is a Republican political group opposing the re-election of D. Trump. The fifty-ninth US presidential election will take place this year, November 3, 2020. This is why it is time for D. Trump to release his last cards.

However, the “Lincoln Project” will not facilitate his task … The work of President Donald Trump had already been called into question on his management of the coronavirus [VIDEO].

The video broadcast on Monday on the online video platform, YouTube wishes to denounce and highlight its incompetence. Entitled ” Mourning America ” is ” Mourning in the United States “, This political party refers to the presidency of Ronald Reagan. This president disappeared in 2011 known for his offer policy called ” Reaganomics

During his campaign for his re-election in 1984, he had created a clip called “ Morning in america

Donald Trump on an ejection seat

The Republican group that wants to destroy the strategy of D. Trump is led by George T. Conway, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson.

The voice-over of the video sets the tone: ‘more than 60,000 Americans have died from a deadly virus that Donald Trump ignored.

The economy is falling apart, more than 26 million Americans are unemployed. ‘ They note an alarming economic and political situation in the United States: ” Under Donald Trump’s leadership, the country is weaker, sicker and poorer. Throughout the video, you can see dilapidated homes, Americans with masks in endless queues in the rain, patients transported on stretcher …

The video ends with images of the White House.

Below the video, you will find a very explicit writing on their opinion of the presidential passage of D. Trump: The failed presidency of Donald Trump has made the nation weaker, sicker and vacillating on the brink of another great depression. ‘

Moreover, on the website an incisive slogan written in the capital testifies to the project of these Republicans’We are republicans, and we want trump defeated ‘ translated into French by We are Republicans and we want Trump to be defeated. ‘

Annoyed, Donald Trump reacts and answers them

This quickly viral video made people react, but not only … Donald Trump responded the same evening via his Twitter account with a series of scathing messages.

He also nicknamed them ” RINO ‘In other words’Republicains in name only ‘ ‘republicans who only have the name ‘ while accusing them of embezzlement. US President D. Trump hinted heavily in a tweet that the money raised through their political party goes directly into their pockets.

The next day in front of the journalists he spoke with words I would change the name to call it the losers project, they are Republican losers’

The “ Lincoln Project Did not keep waiting for his response on Twitter: ‘He can get mad at us via Twitter as much as he wants, but the more often people will see this clip, the more Donald Trump will lose votes. ‘

This war through interposed networks has only just begun … To see who will win the presidential race on November 3.

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