Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine

Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine in India

A washing machine is an essential gadget in today’s life. It not only saves your time but eases down your effort to go through the laundry. Even if you do not do laundry by yourself, having one will earn you eternal gratitude of your maid or help.

Buying a washing machine can be a hectic process, especially for someone living in India, where myriad of options are available. With the range of models, sizes, and types of washers available, there are many things to consider before shopping one.

This is something you cannot afford to purchase at every second weekend. You spend a whopping amount of money on housing a comfortable washing machine of your type.

Before you shop a washer it is paramount to evaluate your needs, budget, and utility. Once you got to know your requirements, it would become easier to find a washer of your type. Also if you are interested Buy a washing machine soon check out Mr Washing Machine India. He is recommended the top quality washing machines in India. Let’s not roam around and dive directly into the things to consider before buying a washing machine.

Top Things To Consider

Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine

While on a hunt for a washer, do not fall for the aesthetic or alluring features. Stick to your requirements and type of washer you had decided to purchase. Too many choices available in the market can leave you bewildered and confused. Do not fall into this trap and have a product as per your need and requirements.

Type of Washing machines:

If you are decided to which type of washing machine to go with, the next would be a lot easier.

If you look at the types of washing machines, you would see two basic types of models available.

  1. Semi-automatic
  2. Fully automatic

A semi-automatic washing machine contains two tubs and features a limited range of functions. You get two separate tubs for washing and drying, the types of washers are cheaper and easy to operate.

The fully automatic washers feature one tub for washing and drying. The type is further divided into two categories, top-loading, and front-loading. We have written a detailed guide to nail the issue; you can have it to decide which one is suitable for you.

Let’s discuss the other features to look for when buying a washer.

Washing machine size:

As I mentioned, first evaluate your needs and requirements. You need to know the number of clothes you would wash using a washing machine. This is the capacity of maximum load a washing machine can handle in one cycle. To get maximum outcomes, the size of the washtub should be large enough that the laundry could move easily. The capacity of a washer available on the markets is from 4kg-10kg.  If you are the one who has to deal with large curtains and other heavy clothes, you should look for a larger size washing tub.

The material of washtub:

I have seen people overlooking this integral feature. Always have close eyes on the material used to craft washtub. You would see three types of material used to manufacture a tub.

  1. Plastic
  2. Stainless steel
  • Porcelain enamel

If you could have a stainless steel made tub, it would be ideal and offer a longer life span compared to the rest.

Wash Programs:

Today’s washing machines are featured with latest innovations to render special wash programs. You can have special dedicated wash programs to wash through a special cloth now. The cycle you chose should match the type of fabric you are going to wash. The wash programs feature a particular water level, temperature settings, and speed. During a wash cycle, you can alter the wash program using the remote control, touchscreen or touchpad.

So, if you are the one who has to deal with different clothes, it would be ideal to look for more than basics wash programs in a washing machine.

Spin speed (RPM)

Spin speed or spin cycle is the rate at which a washing machine spins. The higher the spin speeds, the faster your clothes will dry. It is measured in RPM; most of the washer comes in the speed of 600-1800 RPM. You need to learn that extra RPM will cost you money, look for an adequate spin speed to go through the laundry.


Hot water cleans better. If you can have a washer with the pre-built heater you would see the results would be better than before. The feature comes in hand at a price, you will have to spend some extra bucks in housing such feature in your washer. The built-in heater often comes in the front-load washer, it is important to have a heater with temperature control settings.

Pre-soak feature:

Do you have to wash heavily soiled clothes such as a sports uniform? These types of clothes should be washed using a pre-soak feature. The features add to clearer and vibrant cleansing, in contrast to the quick wash feature.

Hard-water feature:

In some regions where hard water makes it impossible to dissolve detergent and have a vibrant cleansing, the feature helps a lot.

If you are living in such an area, always look for the feature as other features would be showpiece if you cannot wash or dissolve detergent to cleans through clothes.

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