This American cat weighed 16 kg, its weight loss melts Internet users

Some find them adorable, others too plump. They are sometimes compared to hamsters or small dogs, for the most hung languages. What we do know is that cats are known to be confined inside apartments or houses. They spend less and sometimes devour large portions, for fear of not being sufficiently full, and also because they are reputed to be snackers.

Hence the importance of controlling the amount of food served in their bowl, since obese cats tend to have a shorter life expectancy.

‘It looked like a giant buoy’

On the internet, some of these overly greedy felines become sensations. Bronson is part of this group.

This Cat weighed 16 kg at three years of age, at the time of its adoption April 24, 2018 in the state of Michigan in the United States. Mike Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman fell in love with Bronson at first sight. “JI remember that my cheeks hurt by dint of smiling. Bronson was so affectionate and so sweet when we petted him for the first time “, confides MIke.

Unfortunately, little Bronson could contract liver disease (according to his veterinarian). His masters then improvised sports coaches: “Bronson le chat “must lose weight.

Chance did it right, since Mike and Megan own a business that makes wall-mounted furniture for cats, specially designed to encourage the physical activity of indoor cats.

Since its adoption, Bronson “follow a healthier life “. This can be read on his biography available on Instagram.

Indeed, his masters regularly publish photos or videos of the progress of his regime. Changes made not only to make the figure more slender but also because the animal’s health demands it. His adventures are followed by more than 254 thousand people around the world on social media.

Bronson on a diet

To reach his ideal weight, “Bronson the cat “followed a course of action to the letter :

    • Daily servings less calories
    • Of wet food more nourishing
    • Of obstacle course to spend
    • Going up and down the stairs several times a day
    • Of challenges to eat
    • Of games of intelligence

Today, his efforts have paid off. Bronson has posted a total drop of seven pounds in two years. Since April 24, 2020, he weighs nine kg and continues to show persistence on social media. To the delight of its subscribers and all those who would like to see their cat healthier.

Source of motivation for Internet users

Her adoptive parents are delighted with these results which may lead to a better future for obese cats around the world.

This is what Megan Hanneman says: “Kittens are usually more likely to be adopted than large cats in shelters so if we could make an obese tomcat famous, then we did our job. “

On Instagram, comments from subscribers go in this direction. Here are a few :

  • ‘It’s incredible. I’m impressed with the result and I think you saved a precious life ‘ @cottageconforts
  • ‘What a wonderful job you two did (and Bronson of course). I love watching her posts @heather.woodyard
  • ‘How had we not noticed until now that this beautiful kid had real thumbs? Great job for your Bronson diet @cash_and_company

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