This Thursday evening on France 5: The last hours of Pompeii, as scientists imagine.

In 2018 and 2019, an excavation unprecedented for 70 years, took place in Pompeii, in a district of the Roman city still under the volcanic ash of the eruption of 79.

The archaeologists of the Pompeii Archaeological Park, led by Professor Massimo Osanna, will uncover a street and several houses, containing brightly colored frescoes, exceptional mosaics, refined objects, inscriptions, one of which gives a new dating for the eruption, but also the bodies of fifteen victims, men, women and children.

The precise information gathered by scientists in the field, and the DNA analyzes of the bodies discovered, allow them to determine who these Pompeii were, their family ties, to reconstruct the architecture of their houses, their daily life, and the conditions of their died during the eruption.

A documentary film, broadcast this Thursday at 8:50 p.m. on France 5, follows day by day the exceptional discoveries made by archaeologists, and interweaves with spectacular documentary sequences, re-enactments in fiction which retrace the last hours of the inhabitants of the district, such as the scientists imagine.

A film by Pierre Stine, written by Flore Kosinetz and Pierre Stine with the collaboration of Michela Guberti.

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