Tigris Prime Build Guide

The Tigris Prime, the main weapon, is the dual barreled shotgun. It’s the Prime version of the Tigris, a shotgun of design from the Tenno.

The Tigris Prime is your Prime version of the Tigris, keeping the majority of its stats using some changed also.


  1. Accuracy: comes with a precision of 9.1 capable to hit enemies in low to moderate ranges.
  2. Critical Chance: includes a 10% chance to handle significant hits per shooter.
  3. Crucial Multiplier: Shots deal 2x more damage on critical hits.
  4. Fire Speed: Fires about 2 shots per minute.
  5. Magazine: Ability of two shots per journal.
  6. Noise: Shots are alarming and certainly will alert enemies once fired.
  7. Reload: Requires 1.8 moments to reload a fresh magazine.
  8. Reputation: includes a 30% chance to proc standing impacts per shot. (28 percent for Tigris)
  9. Trigger: DUPLEX — yanking trigger fires the first shot when discharging fires the next
  10. Damage Types: Bargains 156 Effect, 156 Puncture and 1,248 Slash Damage (105 Impact, 105 Puncture and 840 Slash
  11. Damage for Tigris)

The tigris prime build necessitates a Mastery Rank of 13 until it could possibly be used by gamers and constructed using

its patterns and Prime pieces.


  • High foundation harm
  • High standing opportunity
  • Good pellet spread
  • Guaranteed Effect proc
  • Great reload speed
  • two Polarities
  • Moderate punch through
  • Quick shooting mechanic


  • Should reload frequently
  • Little magazine ability
  • Fall off involving 10-20 meters
  • Low Crucial opportunity
  • Demands command position of 13


The Tigris Prime might be crafted using its own blueprint and components that might be acquired by launching relics or by trading with others.

These include the blueprint and components required to manage the tigris prime build:

  • Blueprint: Lith T1, Neo T1, Axi T1
  • Barrel: Lith K1, Lith V3, Lith V4, Neo B4, Neo H1
  • Receiver: Meso K1, Meso N5, Meso S6, Meso T2, Neo S6, Neo V3, Axi V5
  • Stock: Lith B2, Meso S1, Neo B2, Neo V4

Each one the relics are vaulted but ones which gamers now have may nevertheless be opened.

Sample Builds

Given its high base harm and its own distinctive firing mechanic that the warframe Tigris Prime is effective at dealing a lot of damage with a couple of shots.

It might want to be frequently reloaded since it only has two shots in its own barrel but it may kill enemies be it one enemy or some group of these with a single strike.

Below are a couple of sample builds:

Critical Damage Build

Essential Damage Construct

Our tigris prime build Crucial Build mods include Primed Point Blank/Point Blank for general harm and two irreparable harm mods for an elemental combination.

Adding Primed Ravage and Blunderbuss raise its crucial stats for greater damage.

This construct also includes multishot by including Hell’s Chamber and Vigilante Armaments.

Hunting Fury has also been added into the construct for a larger punch through to possess the bullets to penetrate a number of enemies.

The focus of the construct is to deal considerable amounts of significant damage bases on incorporating up a greater critical opportunity and fostering the important multiplier.

Status Build

Maintaining the majority of the prior construct we replace a few mods together with all the 4 elemental damage and standing mods to boost the standing chance of their warframe Tigris Prime.

This permits causes multiple standing effects and does a lot of harm.

Status effects may happen and because there’s a good quantity of punch through, multiple opponents might be struck and each can proc a standing effect.

Hybrid Construct

Combining the two preceding builds we proceed to get important damage and standing impact construct which has a fantastic opportunity to manage equally.

Critical strikes may happen to cope great levels of damage and together with the elevated standing possibility, distinct standing effects might occur resulting in even more harm.

This build focuses on dealing as much damage as you can from various sources of harm, focusing on always damaging the enemies.

These aren’t the sole assembles offered for your warframe Tigris Prime, however, they’re pretty helpful in most conditions.

You will find a lot of approaches to mod this weapon and it can differ based upon the consumer and their selection of mods.

Review – Tigris prime build

Using its first base harm, the Tigris Prime packs a punch.

Not only is that the harm unnaturally large, but it also elemental damage scales well with it that allows it to perform amazing levels of physical and irreparable damage.

It might have a disadvantage of just two shots per spoonful but if correctly modded one-shot ought to be great enough to carry out an enemy or perhaps a set of enemies.

This weapon has excellent potential in carrying out any enemy, particularly if modded nicely for the event.

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