two girls aged 4 and 9 go to the forest to do like on TV

Sometimes television does anything, this is the case in this story. Indeed, if it is a news item that will make you laugh at the end, it could very well have gone wrong. In Meurthe-et-Moselle, two little girls aged 4 and 9, were found in the forest after having disappeared for several hours. The reason ? They wanted to play in Koh-Lanta. Obviously, Denis Brogniart, very aware of the news, spoke after this affair on social networks.

As on television

While in principle, it is forbidden to go out during confinement, or 1 hour to go shopping, or to do your sport, two girls who were bored very hard, went out for several hours to play in Koh-Lanta in the night.

So, after having succeeded in leaving their home, escaping the vigilance of the parents, the two little girls took the road to head towards a forest. Alerted by the parents very quickly, the gendarmerie of Meurthe-et-Moselle immediately took the necessary measures to find them as quickly as possible.

As you can see on the Facebook post of the Gendarmerie, the gendarmes have deployed great resources. And it worked very well, luckily for the whole family. In fact, a few minutes after the start of the search, they were there, in a forest near their home. According to the gendarmerie, when she arrived, they were on the ground “sitting on a bag with a blanket“.

But the most impressive is that they had a “piece of meat and wood to make a fire“. Like what, they had planned everything. The parents were notified immediately and were able to calmly await the delivery of the little girl a few minutes later.

Denis Brogniart speaks

The host of Koh-Lanta, alerted to the affair by a former candidate of the game, spoke on social networks. If he was first touched by the gesture of the two girls, he nevertheless warned everyone so that no one would repeat this in the near or distant future.

It’s true, if nothing serious happened on this matter, it could very well have gone wrong.

Netizens also spoke after this affair and were rather impressed by the girls: “Sacred adventurers these little but poor parents“,”These girls are the ones who are writing the story of Koh Lanta“,”imagine, they really do Koh Lanta in a few years“could we read in particular. Some even believe that they are from the same family as Sam (the adventurer eliminated two weeks ago):”These are Sam’s little cousins“,”it’s on it’s Sam’s children“,”Future Sams“.

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