Unprogramming of the film Safe Thursday evening on C8.

And an additional deprogramming. And it’s far from over…

CStar will not broadcast the film Safe on Thursday, March 26 as scheduled for the first part of the evening. This feature film with Jason Statham is replaced by a replay of the film The Expatriate (seen at the end of November on C8).

Kingdom of Heaven, originally scheduled at 10:45 p.m., will be scheduled at 10:55 p.m.

The Expatriate Synopsis: After more than fourteen years as a CIA member, Ben Logan decides to make a new start and reconnect with his 15-year-old daughter Amy, who he barely knows. He then accepted a job as a security expert in Belgium for a multinational corporation. One morning when he arrives at work, Logan discovers that his division no longer exists, his colleagues have disappeared and his assistant turns out to be an agent whose mission is to kill him with his daughter. In order to survive, Logan and Amy run away, with a highly trained team chasing after them.

The Safe script: Fallen cop condemned by the Mafia after a bad blow, Luke Wright wanders the streets of New York. He crosses paths with Mei, a gifted child with a phenomenal memory, threatened because she has in mind the combination of a safe containing a small fortune. Wright decides to help him.

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