How to use Video in Your Customer Buying Cycle

As a marketer, you are hopefully aware that offering lots of different educational content to your prospects makes them feel that you’re not just trying to sell them stuff.

This elevates you into the importance space of being recognized as a trusted advisor. It’s all about giving, rather than just getting.

It’s important to understand your audience so that you can create highly relevant and specific content, which they perceive as high quality.

So how do you work out what types of content to provide for your prospects?

Companies that is best in class when it comes to engaging and connecting with their target audience produce a video (and other relevant content) matched to their customer buying cycle.

Essentially, a customer buying or purchase process is a fairly standard progression that organizations follow when they are purchasing a product or service.

The difference is that prospects require different types of content, as they go through the cycle.

Let’s take a look at each stage in the buying cycle and what video content is suitable:


This is when the prospect becomes aware that they have a problem. At this stage, they start investigating what they can do to solve it. It’s important to get found through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with keywords that your prospect will use to solve their problems. Video can be used effectively here as it’s so powerful for SEO that in turn give you more subscribers with buying YouTube likes and subscribers.



This is when the client delves into research trying to work out what to do. This is when they watch how-to videos and industry expert video interviews. They also download whitepapers and read articles that give them information on how to solve their issue.


Now, that they have all the information they need the prospect undertakes a detailed analysis between your solution and your competitor’s. They also look to find how credible you are in the marketplace (to decrease their risk). This is when they watch video testimonials from your customers, and product demonstration videos. They are interested in reading your case studies, brochures, price estimates and ROI Calculator. This is when they will check you out on social media and request a free trial.


Hooray – the prospect has made the final decision and is now your customer. Time to onboard them. Provide them with videos on the implementation of best practices and training videos (on how to best use your product/service).


 The hard work is not over. It’s important to keep reaching out to your customers and help them better understand your product or software. Hopefully, after experiencing your product or service, they come back & order more. Provide post-sales support videos, Q&A, newsletters and encourage them to spread the word on social media.

By creating a video that matches your customer buying cycle, you help customers easily understand how you can help them and hopefully, create a strong bond so that they stay with you for a long time.

What video content can you create for your customer buying cycle?

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