Video chat is coming soon … on Tinder!

Video chat for Tinder too

Confinement forces, messaging applications have seen their audience explode in recent weeks, and many of them have ” benefited “For the occasion to offer some novelties. At WhatsApp, for example, we launched the video call to 8 participants, compared to 4 so far. Ditto on the side of Microsoft Teams which has been regularly optimized by its parent…

But confinement or not, dating applications have also been very successful. Recall that on March 30, Tinder recorded a record, with more than 3 billion “likes” sent … Today, this same Tinder announces the upcoming arrival of a new feature: video calls.

“Many users wished for the arrival of a mode” video chat“”, Explains Match Group in its press release. ” Our product and engineering teams around the world quickly mobilized to deploy face-to-face video calling capabilities across many of our platforms“. Remember that Match Group has Tinder in its bag, but also Meetic, Hinge or OKCupid.

This is good news for the (more than) 50 million followers of the Tinder platform around the world, who will soon be able to chat on video on iOS and Android. At present, it is impossible to know when and how this function will be deployed, but we imagine that Tinder will have known how to take the necessary precautionary measures, given the high risk of abuse.

On the statistics side, Match Group said that the average number of daily messages sent on all of its products during the month of April was about 27% higher than in the last week of February. The group also confirms a slight decrease in the number of paying users over the period.

Recall that Tinder is also planning to launch a new coaching service, which will allow its users to “match better”. A function called “Tinder Concierge”, which will be available for $ 20 per month.

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