Hassle-free Ways To Clean Up Your Dirty Floors

Let’s be honest. Cleaning floors is not one of our favorite chores, right? However, it would be such a relief to know that we can actually do it with much ease and comfort. In this article, we have come up with simple and hassle-free ways to clean up dirty floors.

  1. Use the right cleaning product for your tile flooring.


Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping are the basics for cleaning floors. However, you must be careful about what products you are using to clean that floor. You would not dare wash stainless steel furniture with a cleaner designed for a porcelain or enamel surface. The same principle should be applied when it comes to floor cleaning. Even though tile floors are amazingly durable, there is still the need to care for them in a special way.  Porcelain and ceramic tiles may require little special care. But floors made of marble, slate, limestone, or granite would require specific cleaning products and individualized care. Vacuuming is the most preferred process so most of us would like to go for best vaccum cleaner to clean the floors.

  1. Wet your dustpan to grab more dirt.

Hair, dust, and dirt are three things that can sometimes become stubborn. No matter how you sweep them to be collected by your dustpan these things always tend to fly away. For this reason, the work tends to become tedious due to the repetitive sweeping and using of the dustpan. The good thing is that you can actually turn your dustpan into an efficient dirt magnet. You can do so by getting the dustpan wet with a little amount of water. The water will grab the dirt and help it to stay put. Once the sweeping is all done, you can just wipe out the dirt from the dustpan using a paper towel.

  1. Freshen up musty carpets with baking soda and essential oil.

The carpet on your floor is home to a plethora of dirt and dust. An intense floor cleaning task has to be done to get those molds and bacteria away from your floor carpet. You can utilize essential oils and baking soda together to quickly get rid of that putrid smell from your carpet. Combine 10 drops of essential oil and one cup of baking soda in a bowl then stir. Generously sprinkle the mixture on the carpet and let it sit for one hour. After an hour, you may now clean the area using your vacuum.

  1.  Use carpet cleaning spray to remove grout dirt.

The grout lines on your floor tiles can become filthy and unsanitary over time. One of the easiest methods to clean them is by using a carpet cleaning spray. Spray the product onto the dirty grout lines and scrub it with a firm brush. Let it sit for 10 minutes then wipe it out. After doing the routine, mop it like you usually do.

For a beautiful sparkling floor, it has to be cleaned on a regular basis. In case of spillage, spot cleaning should be done right away. But when the dirt becomes too stubborn the above mentioned techniques will surely spare you from the stress and hassle of floor cleaning.

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