What Every Good SEO Company Wants You to Know

Trying to trace the history behind the origins of SEO (Search engine Optimisation) is a lot like trying to find the history of the first sneeze. We have all been doing it since we were born and that there is an important reason behind it. But I doubt anyone has ever thought about its origins. What’s more important for us is to know how to use it and use it properly! Learn more about SEO here.

By definition, SEO can be defined as the act of increasing the amount of traffic to one’s website in both quantity and quality, through means of organic results derived from search engines. In other words, you are ideally trying to ‘optimize’ yours or your client’s website traffic by legitimate means necessary, using search engines as the go-between.  

Some written records date it back to the ’90s, so not too long ago. However, even though it has only been around for a decade, it has changed significantly and its methodologies have evolved quite rapidly, in other words, it has made a name for itself. 

1945 began the first known process for creating a common archive for all of the world’s data. And the written record that was released was a paper written by a gentleman named ‘Dr. Vannevar Bush’, a scientific researcher and director of what was then the office of scientific research and development. His article was regarding data collection and extracting material from existing sources and then inserting new material into that existing record – which in today’s terms sounds a whole lot like the Google search engine we love and use every single day.

There have been many advances since then of course up to the 20th Century, and especially with the advances made on Google algorithm’s and its search engine result pages (SERPs).

If you have been asking yourself the popular question or whether or not you need new clients and should you attain the services of an SEO company, or more importantly, you don’t even know what an SEO company does… Let’s clarify this discussion.

The minute you put out your feelers to look for a decent SEO company, you will most probably get 10’s if not 100’s of different proposals from various ‘experts’ in the business. This is enough to just put you off to be honest. So, in order to hire the best team for your job, you need to do your homework first. Because SEO is such a broad topic, you will either need to decide on doing a fully holistic service or just a minimal ‘service’ of your website. Here are some tips: https://www.searchenginewatch.com/2018/12/24/seo-2019-nine-tips-beginners/

Any good SEO company will tell you that going from page 5 to page 1 in a few days is not the right way to do it. Say for example, as part of the service, the company uploads regular content on your website with links in it, you need to make sure that they are doing this regularly and consistently so that your page rankings go up in a gradual manner as opposed to in one day. Organic is far better than rushed. It may look good that their work is producing such ‘quick’ results, but this is short-lived.

Any good SEO Company will know that exceptional organic SEO is a gradual process. As with most things in life, one needs to be patient to see growth. There are no ‘quick fixes’ or ‘one size fits all’, especially if you want to stay on the first page for as long as possible. That is why investing in a good team is essential even if it takes time to find the right one that does not charge you an arm and a leg and gets you instant results for a month, only to see your page drop-down to page 10 after a few weeks. Because there are a different number of processes that need to take place to get results, for example, keyword research, competitor analysis, monitor rankings, link building …to name a few, the universal time-frame to see results is between 6 to 12 months at least. You can learn more about this by checking sites like https://www.advmarketing.com.au.

The second thing a good SEO company will tell you is that they will not use free download software from some cheap extension site, to create automatic links for your website and divert it to the least authority websites that nobody knows about. Instead, they will let you know how they take pride in doing everything themselves, manually. They create manual links themselves and write unique articles and blog posts themselves and have no intention of duplicating the same article and re-writing it in different words. They create masterpieces that are well-thought-out and researched with unique links to authority / white-hat sites. So, it is no wonder some decent SEO companies charge a higher fee for their services because there is nothing like the feeling of knowing that your investment is going into the hands of a genuine company(s) and not an amateur. 

Last but not least is the concern about communication. There have been many clients who have had to bear the brunt of paying an SEO company an exorbitant amount for SEO services, only to try and get some information out of them and constantly having to hound the company for updates and/or time frames because they have this communication gap. They speak to you at the beginning of the process and then again…never, and if you are lucky, at the end of the process to deliver the ‘finished’ project. Again, any good SEO company will not do that. Good companies will communicate on a regular basis be it face-to-face, or through the telephone, or even over Skype or in person. They arrange milestones with the client and keep them up to date. They would also allow you to check the website to see if you are happy with the progress so far and if you need any adjustments to be made with it. Its impossible to get SEO companies on the phone all the time but they should at least be available on a regular basis for a quick chat or possible questions or clarifications from the client’s side.  

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