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Hey guys Games are one of the best thing in Era of Smartphones. Everyone loves to play games. Even People play games on WhatsApp. They are called WhatsApp Dare Games. If you don’t know about these WhatsApp Games, We are here to guide you through this post. People play these Dare Games even on other social media platform such as Facebook.

Whatsapp Dare msg and Games

If you are looking for WhatsApp dare Messages, Whatssapp dare games, whatsapp games then stop your search stopping by here. Because we have good collection WhatsApp truth or Dare Games. You can play with friends, lovers, relatives, colleague, school friends. So guys for What you are waiting for? Scroll the page and find Good Dare Message and Share within Whatsapp Contacts.

We have good list of WhatsApp Truth and Dare Games here. They are also known as Whatsapp Dare Messages. As you know WhatsApp is most loving messaging app in the world. It’s all because of its user interface and fast messaging service. We can send any document, Picture, Video.

Believe me it is totally fun to challenge your whatsapp friends to complete these dare games or messages. I can say it is far better than blue whale game(Suicide game). These whatsapp truth dares gonna challenge your whatsapp friends, family. I am sure you’ll love these whatsapp dare games.

Here you will get to know all about WhatsApp Dare Games, Messages. Here You can grab lots of Dare Messages, Quizzes. You can play with your WhatsApp Friends, Family Members, School Friends and so on. Everyone can play with his dear ones and it doesn’t matter what you are. Most of the People play this game to know feelings of their lover, girlfriends or boyfriends. WhatsApp Dare games are best ways to get to know feelings of your dear ones. You can get to know what do they think about you. What you have to do is just copy any of the game and send to your WhatsApp friend, WhatsApp Groups. He/She/They will reply with a number and now you can see the answer in front of the given number. After their reply you can disclose the answer to them. Isn’t easy?

I am going to share Interesting WhatsApp Dare msg, Dare Messages and  WhatsApp Puzzles with Answer. You can see the answer of every WhatSApp Dare games below it.

Whatapp Truth and Dare Games/Messages

You will find the following type of dares in this post.

  1. Whatsapp DARE 2018
  2. Whatsapp Dare Choose Alphabet
  3. Whatsapp Dare Games for Couples
  4. New dare select any 1 – Whatsapp dare
  5. Whatsapp DARE Games for Friends
  6. WhatsApp Dares for Girlfriend
  7. Whatsapp Dare Quiz
  8. Whatsapp Smiley Dare
  9. Choose a Hand Movement Dares
  10. Whatsapp choose a number game
  11. Whatsapp love dares

If you really don’t know how to play WhatsApp Dare Games. Read this further.

You have to copy any of the WhatsApp dare games given here and send it to your friend, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Relatives. Say them to reply within 1 minute. They will reply with any of the number you sent them, Now you have to send them answer that is given front of that number. Isn’t it easy? 

These WhatsApp Dare Messages are best way to know the feelings of your dear ones about you. What kind of feelings they have for you, What they think about you and all. Dare Games are played when you feel boredom and tired of working all day. You can release little stress playing these WhatsApp Dare Quizzes.

WhatsApp truth dares 2019

whatsapp dare games for family

Play these Games with your family. I have another category for you “Whatsapp dare games for family“. If you have family contacts in your Whatsapp, play these awesome dare games with your loving family too and grab what do they think about you. Family Dare Messages will be updated shortly. stay tuned!

WhatsApp Truth and Dares for Lovers

whatsapp dare games for family

So guys Most awaiting category is “WhatsApp Dare Games for lovers“. Most of the guys are relationships and having Girlfriend or Boyfriends. If you also have one then copy any of the Dare Message and send it to your boyfriend or girlfriends. He/She will tell you with a what he/she is thinking for you and What feelings does he/she has. You can this game WhatsApp Truth and Dare Games. Know the truth :p

WhatsApp Question Dares 2019

Dare:1- There are 10 questions in this Whatsapp Dare for Lovers which you have to ask to your lover. (GF/BF)and let you know what your partner thinks about you. ?

1. My contact name in your phone?

Answer: ___________________

2. The nick name you want to give me?

Answer: ____________________

3. Things you like most in me?

Answer: _____________________

4. Color that suits me?

Answer: _____________________

5. Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)

Answer: _____________________

6. The thing you like most in my character?

Answer: _____________________

7. The thing you hate in my attitude?


8. Which type of dresses suits me most?

Answer: ____________________

9. Dedicate a song for our relationship?

Answer: ____________________

10. Rate my Whatsapp profile picture out of 100?

Answer: _____________________

WhatsApp Dare for crush: Choose 2 digit Number

Dare:2- Select any Two Digit number from the list and I will sow you, “Who You Are” :-p Reply fast.













11: Lovely & Caring

22: Silent killer

33: True lover

44: Cheater

55: Sex Addict

66: Heart Breaker

77: Proud And Sweet

88: Lazy In Bed

99: Hard Worker


WhatsApp Dares 2019: Lucky Number

Dare:3- Select any lucky ❤ Number and I will send you Dare for your selected.❤ Remember you can’t back out if you choose to play this dare.

❤1 ❤2 ❤3 ❤4 ❤5 ❤6 ❤7 ❤8 ❤9 ❤10


❤1 Be My One Day BF/GF.

❤2 Make my photo your WhatsApp DP.

❤3 What you like the most in me?

❤4 What kind of relationship do you expect from me ?

❤5 Rate me in looks from 1 to 10.

❤6 Kiss me..

❤7 Propose me.

❤8 Tell me your relationship status-Single or Committed.

❤9 What qualities do you search in your life partner?

❤10 Tell me your girlfriend/boyfriend name.

WhatsApp Dare Games for Friends

Whatsapp dare messages for friends

This List of Dare Messages is for Friends. No matter what kind of friend they are. You can play these games with any of your friend, friend’s groups etc. This is real fun while playing these Dare games with friends. Lets leave these dare messages in their chat box.

Whatsapp Dare msg for friends- Choose 0 to 9

Dare Question:- Choose any one of your Lucky number?

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0


9 – Rate me as a friend from 1 to 10

8 – What you like the most in me?

7 – Tell me your girlfriend/boyfriend name.

6 – Call me and sing a song for me.

5 – Write a Whatsapp status for me for next 12 hours!

4 – Rs 100 recharge on my phone

3 – Tell something which you do not like in me…

2 – What kind of relationship do you expect from me?

1- Rate me in looks from 1 to 100.

0 – Tell me your relationship status-Single, Committed, Married, Divorced, Complicated, Engaged, etc

Whatsapp daring games: Choose Alphabate

Dare question:2- Choose Any Alphabet between A to Z


A -Rs.100 recharge on my Phone

B -Write a whatsapp status for me for next 2 days ?

C – Make your status I Love You with my name

D – Tell me your relationship status-Single,Committed,Complicated,Engaged,Married,Divorced

E – Rs.100 recharge on my phone ?

F – Like and comment on all my pics on Facebook ?

G – What kind of relationship do you want with me now ?

H – In next relationship, Would you like to have with me ?

I – Buy one chocolate for me !

J – Write a whatsapp status for me for next 24 hours !

K – Call me and sing a song 4 me !

L – What you like the most in me ?

M – Write something good on me with my name as your status ?

N – Rate me as a friend from 1 to 10 ?

O – Tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend name.

P – Rs.220 recharge on my phone ?

Q – Treat me a dinner !

R – Tell me the name of your ex !

S – Treat me with a movie !

T – Tell something which you don’t like about me !

U – Recharge net offer for me.

V – What is the name of your first crush ?

W – Rate me in looks from 1 to 10

X – Make my pic your dp (Display Pic) for next 24 hours

Y – A habit or quality of mine that you don’t like

Z – Share a secret with me !

WhatsApp dare for crush games 2019: Choose the food

Dare:3- Who Am I For You? Select One answer, I’ll tell you the meaning.





Pain Killer..




Chocolate = You love me.
Pizza = Good Friends.
Burger = Time Pass.
Sweet = Best Friends.
Pain Killer = You Need Me.
Cigarette = Addict to Me.
Drugs = Can’t Live Without Me.

WhatsApp Dare : Choose the color

Dare:4– Select Any of your favorite color and you have to perform according to color’s condition which I will send later!

Navy Blue


Blue – Delete your partner no. from your phone.
Gray – Don’t talk to your partner for 1 day.
Black – Make your partner pic to your’s DP (display picture).
Navy Blue – Ask a neighbor for a roll of toilet paper.
Green – Tell your deepest secret to your partner.
Red – Drink 1 bottle of soda in 10 seconds.
Teal – Read the last Whatsapp message from your partner loudly.
Purple – call your Mom and introduce her with your partner.

So these were the Best Whatsapp Dares Games Ever. I spent my whole day to come back with interesting post. I have collect these all games from Different Internet pages and put all the Great WhatsApp Dare Games at one place. Share with.

WhatsApp Truth and Dare 1 to 54

Question :

Choose any number From 1 to 54 And have a dare All new so be careful: -P

Reply Fast: -D

Answers —–

  1. Ask me out
  2. Send me your cutest pic
  3. Ice cream treat
  4. What’s your deepest secret?
  5. Make my picture your up for 1 day
  6. Delete my number
  7. Write my name
  8. Give me a treat
  9. Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”
  10. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me
  11. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t…
  12. Call me and tell I LOVE YOU
  13. Do a favor on me
  14. What would u want our relation to be?
  15. Be my slave for 2 days.
  16. Call me and say my name in a loud voice!
  17. write my name on your status saying You love me..!!
  18. Send me your crush photo.
  19. What change would you want me?
  20. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!
  21. Send me a picture of what you’re doing now.
  22. Voice clip me saying I wanna love you!
  23. tell me one thing you have never told anyone
  24. what are your feelings about me?
  25. Tell me a secret about you ?
  26. Tell me a secret about your relationship?
  27. Make our combined picture as your dp for 1 day
  28. Send a voice note saying that you love me.
  29. .seduce me to do something ?
  30. Write my name in Your status
  31. make a dp of u and a guy with you. But he should not be your bf.
  32. give me a treat
  33. send me your best friends number :p
  34. Voice clip sends me you’re gonna crazy
  35. send a pic of your crush
  36. Put your status for a day saying “I Miss You (My Name)”
  37. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
  38. Don’t talk to me for 1 day :O
  39. Ask me out
  40. Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you
  41. What am I to you??
  42. What’s your deepest secret? <3
  43. Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice! (y)
  44. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t
  45. How would you describe me?
  46. be my slave for 2 days
  47. Send me a picture of what you’re doing now.
  48. Write your phone number in your status
  49. Send me your favorite chaddi (shorts) pic ?
  50. tell me one thing you have never told anyone B)
  51. what’s on your mind
  52. write ma name on your status saying You love me..!!
  53. How do you find me?
  54. Send a pic of your legs.

As per request of our readers to update some new WhatsApp dare choose a hand movement, I am updating some dares related with the hand movement.

 Question: Shake your hands and stop it as soon as the music stops and you will have to perform dare according to the pre-listed activities!


1. Hand in Upper direction: Slap your own face yourself three times.

2. Hand in lower moment: Kiss your own elbow, if not then ask to kiss any three other players of the game.

(Nobody, can kiss his/her elbows :p)

3. Hands in Punch movement: Hit yourself in your stomach. 

Also check out:


Let me know how was this post about WhatsApp Dare Games? Hope you enjoyed this post a lot And I hope you’ll send these Dare Games to your friends. You don’t need to go around many pages. This post is all in one for WhatsApp Dares. I tried to include almost All kind of WhatsApp Dare Games Such as WhatsApp Smiley Dares. No need to search around the Google. Bookmark this page for Next time. We’ll keep updating new collection WhatsApp Dare games.

Guys I will add more Trending WhatsApp Dare Games.

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