WhatsApp Mods worth trying to use in 2k19

Well before getting started I would like to ask a question! Why you need a WhatsApp mod application in your smartphone?

You might have various reasons to quit official whatsapp and installing a modified WhatsApp APK, some might be:

  • You want to do more with WhatsApp
  • Hide blue tick, double tick might be the reason
  • Expanding boundaries from conventional WhatsApp

These are a few of various reasons provided by our users.

Well installing WhatsApp mods is up to you, its good and extensively better than what we found over PlayStore. Here we have best WhatsApp mod apps for you. These apps come with lots of features, better theming and privacy settings. You can also use dual WhatsApp with these applications. Most trending WhatsApp applications areas:

These are top 5 application that will blow your mind. These apps have some upper hand over each other, otherwise, they are pretty similar in most of the cases. There are various features you can set eg. Copy Status to the clipboard, you can also set auto-replies to your contacts.

Let me give you complete features list that all these apps support:

  • DND Mode
  • You can share more than 100 documents at a time
  • There is no limit on file size.
  • Message scheduler is also there.
  • Can copy others status to clipboard.
  • Create your custom themes
  • Stay offline while using WhatsApp
  • Can set various privacy settings
  • Allows Dual SIM
  • Allows Chat lock as well.

What you should know before installing any WP MOD?

These apps are developed by third-party developers and can lead to data leak as well. Although developers promise these apps are safe to use. But we still alarm you to stay safe. If you see anything un-natural just uninstall it.

To install these apps, you don’t need to root your smartphone. These apps can be installed easily.

Hope this post was helpful to you. If you have any question regarding, comment it down. We will love to solve your problems quickly.

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